Sanskrit studies in Amsterdam: 1877-1988

The first scholar to give Sanskrit courses at the University of Amsterdam was Jacob Speijer, lector in Sanskrit from 1877-1888 and professor during ten months in 1889. In the next 30 years (1989-1919) Sanskrit was taught in succession by Joannes van der Vliet, Christian Uhlenbeck, Jean Philippe Vogel, Johan Huizinga and Barend Faddegon in different capacities. In 1919, Barend Faddegon became the first Amsterdam professor in Sanskrit, and he was succeeded by Adriaan Scharpé in the period 1947-1978. Sanskrit was also taught by J.A.F. Roodbergen, but the chair of Sanskrit was left unoccupied after 1978.

Sanskrit (and comparative Indo-European linguistics), Chair in Sanskrit: 1919-1978

1877-1889J.S. Speyer (lector and from 1888-1889 professor in Sanskrit)
1890-1891J. van der Vliet (private teacher Indian linguistics and literature)
1892-1899C.C. Uhlenbeck (professor in Sanskrit, Gotic, Anglo-Saxon, Russian and comparative Indo-Germanic linguistics)
1897-1899Jean Philippe Vogel (private teacher in Sanskrit)
1900-1908R.C. Boer (professor in Sanskrit and old Germanic languages and literature)
1903J.J. Huizinga (private teacher in archaeology, literature and religions of India)
1908-1944B. Faddegon (lecturer in Sanskrit, and from 1919-1944 professor in Sanskrit, comparative Indo-European linguistics and general linguistics)
1926-1929R.C. Boer (professor in Sanskrit and old Germanic languages and literature)
1947-1978A.A.M. Scharpé (professor in Sanskrit and Indo-European comparative linguistics)
1966-1979P.H.L. Eggermont (research associate)
1971-1988J.A.F. Roodbergen (associate professor in Sanskrit)