Sanskrit studies in Utrecht: 1881-1992

Adriaan Reland, cartographer and professor in Oriental languages between 1701 and 1718, was perhaps the first scholar in Utrecht to refer to India. He made a map of South India and Sri Lanka. Reland’s successor, David Mill, professor in Oriental languages and theology from 1718 to 1756, paid some attention to the study of Indian languages. In his Miscellanea Orientalia, which is part of Dissertationes Selectae published in 1743, he translated part of Ketelaar’s introduction to the Hindustani language from Dutch into Latin.

Chair in Sanskrit: 1906-1992
The actual studying and teaching of Sanskrit started at the end of the 19th century after the passing of the Higher-Education Act 1876. The Indo-Germanist professor Johan Hendrik Gallée taught Sanskrit from 1881 to 1892, succeeded by the Latinist Joannes van der Vliet from 1892 to 1902. After a lectorship in Sanskrit for three years (1903-1906), Willem Caland became the first Utrecht professor in Sanskrit in 1906. Caland was succeeded by Johannes Rahder and Jan Gonda. The latter realized a substantial expansion of the Indological department. In addition to Sanskrit, it eventually became possible to graduate in Indian art and archaeology, history, Hindi, Dravidian languages, Indian philosophy, Indian musicology, or Indian religions. In 1976, Gonda was succeeded by Henk Bodewitz, until the Utrecht Indological department was merged with the Leiden department in 1992.

Sanskrit (and comparative Indo-European linguistics)

1881-1892J.H. Gallée (assistant professor and, from 1882 onwards, professor in Gotic, Sanskrit and comparative Indo-Germanic linguistics)
1892-1902J. van der Vliet (professor in Latin and Sanskrit)
1903-1906W. Caland (lector in Sanskrit)
1906-1929W. Caland (professor in Sanskrit, Indo-European linguistics and Old-Persian)
1930-1931J. Rahder (professor in Sanskrit, Avestan and Old-Persian)
1932-1976J. Gonda (professor in Sanskrit, Avestan and Old-Persian, and comparative Indo-European linguistics; from 1959 also in general linguistics in relation to classical languages)
1956-198?J.L. de Bruyne (lecturer in South Asian history)
1965-1991T. Goudriaan (associate professor in Sanskrit, Indian history, culture and religion)
1965-1968H.W. Bodewitz (lecturer in Sanskrit)
1965-1992L.A. van Daalen (lecturer in Sanskrit and Middle-Indo-Aryan)
1967-1986S. Gupta (senior lecturer in Sanskrit, Indian religions and aesthetics)
…-…E.P. Maten (lecturer)
1976-1992H.W. Bodewitz (professor in Sanskrit and Indo-European linguistics)
1979-?A.A. Breunis (lecturer, department of Indo-European linguistics)