South Asian economic and political studies

South Asian Faculty of Economy and Business Administration / Erasmus School of Economics

In the past, the Erasmus School of Economics housed a Department of Development Planning and a Department of Public Administration. At the first department, scholars like Piet Terhal, H.H. de Haan and J.G. Waardenburg worked on rural development, small scale industries, and dairy production. At the Department of Public Administration, studies on Pakistan economics were carried out by Hans de Kruijk en Peter Cornelisse. The members of these departments worked together in the Comparative Asian Studies Programme (CASP), founded in the 1970’s by Jan Breman.

Free University Amsterdam

2006-presentB. van Gool (assistant professor, Department of management and organisation)
2010-presentW. Janssens (researcher, Department of development economics)

Erasmus School of Economics

1971-1996P.H.J.J. Terhal (assistant professor in development planning)
1975-2003P.A. Cornelisse (professor in development economics, and from 1988 to 2003 professor in public finance)
H.H. de Haan (assistant professor in development planning)
1988-J.G. Waardenburg (professor in development planning)