South Asian performing arts

Faculty of Humanities/Arts

Today, at the Dutch universities South Asian performing arts are represented by Joep Bor only. Since, 2006 he is professor at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, one of the seven departments of the Leiden Faculty of Humanities.
In Utrecht, Emmy te Nijenhuis, a Sanskrit scholar specialized in Indian classical music, was appointed at the Indological department since 1964. In Amsterdam, among others Rokus de Groot worked on Indian music until recently.

Utrecht University: Indological Department

1964-1988E. te Nijenhuis (associate professor in Indian musicology)

Amsterdam University (UvA): Musicology

2000-2012R. de Groot (professor in musicology)
2000-2014W. van der Meer (associate professor in cultural musicology)
2001-2004S.C. Kersenboom (associate professor in musicology)

Amsterdam University (UvA): Theatre Studies

2005-2013S.C. Kersenboom (associate professor in theatre studies)

Leiden University: Academy of Creative and Performing Arts

2006-presentJ. Bor (professor of extra-European performing arts studies)