South Asian religious and philosophical studies

Faculty of Theology/Arts

Besides the Sanskrit/Indological/Buddhological department (Faculty of Humanities/Arts), South Asian religious and philosphical studies are also carried out at other departments, often belonging to a theological and/or philosophical faculty. In that case such studies have a more comparative approach and are included in courses such as on world religions.

Leiden University: Faculty of Arts

1953-1977F. Sierksma (lecturer, associate professor, and, from 1973 onwards, professor in religious history and phenomenology)
1980-1984A. Schepers (lecturer, department of philosophy)

Utrecht University: Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies (formerly the Faculty of Theology)

1961-1982C.J. Hoens (professor in the living and non-Christian religions)
1970-2003M.A.G.T. Kloppenborg (lecturer, also in Groningen; from 1984 associate professor, and, from 1988 onwards, professor in the living religions and comparative religious studies)
2003-presentF.L. Bakker (assistant professor in inter-religious dialogue, comparative religion, Hinduism and Buddhism, religion and film)

Amsterdam University (UvA): Faculty of Arts

1962-1967J.F. Staal (professor in systematics of philosophy, general and comparative philosophy)
1972-2000B.M.J. Nagel (lecturer in comparative philosophy)
1992-1994P.T. van der Veer (professor in comparative religion)

Free Amsterdam University (VU): Faculty of theology, Department of Philosophy of Religion and Comparative Study of Religions

1970-2004C.J.G. van der Burg (lecturer in South Asian religions, modern Hinduism in and outside India)
2004-presentL. Minnema (assistant professor in the study of religions)
…-presentV.A. van Bijlert (lecturer in religious studies and Sanskrit)

Nijmegen University: Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies

1969-1972B.M.J. Nagel (lecturer in religious studies)
1992-1995Tineke Nugteren (associate professor in Asian religions)
1996-presentPaul van der Velde (associate professor, and, from 2008 onwards, professor in Asian religions)
2005-2007Netty Bonouvrié (lecturer in religions of Asia)

Tilburg University: School of Humanities

1981-presentTineke Nugteren (associate professor in religious studies)