Mark Jan Dresden

1911 – 1986
Iranian languages and literatures, especially Khotanese

Curriculum vitae

1911born in Amsterdam on April 26
1937MA in classics and Indology, University of Amsterdam
1941PhD under the supervision of J. Gonda, Utrecht University
1945-1949teacher Greek and Latin at a secondary school, Amsterdam
1949-1977professor in Iranian languages, University of Pennsylvania
1986died in Philadelphia on August 16


Selected publications

1941  Mānavagr̥hyasūtra: a Vedic manual of domestic rites, translation, commentary, and preface, Groningen. – PhD thesis Utrecht.
1942  “Iranica I. Bibliographia Sogdiana Concisa.” Ex Oriente Lux 8: 729-734.
1944  “Introductio ad Linguam Hvatanicam.” Ex Oriente Lux 9 (1943-1944): 200-206.
1949  “Sogdian publications 1940-1046.” BO 6,1: 28-31.
1955  The Jātakastava or “Praise of the Buddha’s former births”, Indo-Scytian (Khotanese) text, English transl., grammatical notes, and glossaries, Philadelphia, Transactions of the American Philosophical Society NS 45,5: pp. 397-508.
1971  Review of: J. C. Heesterman, G. H. Schokker and V. I. Subramoniam (eds), Pratidānam: Indian, Iranian and Indo-European studies presented to Franciscus Bernardus Jacobus Kuiper on his sixtieth birthday, The Hague 1968. JAOS 92,2: 312-315.