Floris Paul Blankenberg

1953 –
Social sciences, applied technology
India, Bangladesh

Curriculum vitae

1953born in Utrecht
1972-1979studied cultural anthropology, Utrecht University
1981-1985PhD research under supervision of Enno Hommes, Twente University
1985-1987DANIDA: Evaluation adviser in Noakhali District, Bangladesh
1987-1989ECOTEC Resource Development Consultants, Haarlem
1989-1998Novib: manager India country programme, evaluation manager, The Hague
1998-presentMinistry of Foreign Affairs: evaluation manager SNV, policy officer, HRM manager, Inspector IOB, The Hague

Publications on South Asia

1981  Sandhal padati: a traditional system of labour-exchange in a changing village economy, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (CASP serie werkdocumenten, Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen).
1983  Implementation of windmills in Gujarat, India. Paper, Twente University.
Implementation of biogas plants in Gujarat, India. Paper, Twente University.
Implementation of solar cookers in Gujarat, India. Paper, Twente University.
Implementation of biogas plants in Tamil Nadu, India. Paper, Twente University.
1985  Implementation of rural technology projects in India: an exploratory research, PhD thesis, Twente University.
1988  Historical review of the Noakhali rural development project, Bangladesh 1977-1987: manual for the mid-term evaluation 1988: report of a DANIDA-financed desk-study on behalf of the NRD/DANIDA project II, Noakhali, Bangladesh. ECOTEC Resource Development Consultants, Haarlem.
A few steps forward: a decade of cooperation experience in regional development between Bangladesh and Denmark, Kopenhagen: DANIDA.
1991  Appropriate technology for rural development in India, New Delhi: Concept Publications. – Reprint of PhD thesis.
“Strategic management of the national biogas development project in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.” In: Hein Streefkerk and T.K.Moulik: Managing rural development: health and energy programmes in India, New Delhi-London: Sage, pp. 136-152.