1943 – 2014
physics, Indian art history, photographer

Curriculum vitae

1943born in Velsen on August 8
1961final examination HBS-B, Haarlem.
1969MA exam philosophy and physics, University of Amsterdam
1969-1970teacher in physics, Ignatius-College, Amsterdam
1970-1989member of the administration of FOM (Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter), Utrecht, and of the Department of Mathematics and Physics, University of Amsterdam
1977first trip to India, as a tourist
1978-1979first trip to Karnataka for research on temple architecture
1980-1985research trips to India with the help of professor Van Lohuizen-De Leeuw and dr Nandana Chutiwongs
1988-2014research trips to India with the help of professor M.A. Dhaky and professor Adam Hardy
2003PhD Leiden University under supervision of professor Aart Mekking
2014died in Amsterdam on June 23

Special activities and positions

  • Photographer of monuments in India and South East Asia. Between 1976 and 2004, about 28.000 colour slides and 50.000 black and white negatives were made. Prints of more than 1000 of the latter were bought by the Institute of South Asian Archaeology, Amsterdam, and the Kern Institute, Leiden
  • Lecturer on Karnataka temples in Houston and Los Angeles on invitation of the society Kannada Vrinda in Houston, 2004 and 2005
  • Contributor to the conference of the European Association of South Asian Archaeologists (EASAA) in Paris (2001), Bonn (2003), London (2005) and Ravenna (2007)


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2003  Architecture decorated with architecture: later medieval temples of Karnātaka, 1000 – 1300 AD., New Delhi. – PhD thesis Leiden University.
Cālukya architecture: medieval temples of northern Karnātaka built during the rule of the Cālukya of Kalyāṇa and thereafter, 1000-1300 AD ., 3 vols, New Delhi. – vol. 1: text, figures and maps; vol. 2: plates 1-600; vol. 3: plates 601-1184.
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