1961 –
Sanskrit, Buddhology, philosophy

Curriculum vitae

1961born in Staveren on March 28
1981-1986sailor at shipping companies, Rotterdam
1986-1993studied Indology at Leiden University
1991studied at Hamburg University
1991-1996studied philosophy at Leiden University
1997-2002research fellow at the CNWS, Leiden University
2000-2002substitute lecturer Buddhology and Indian philosophy, Leiden University
2004PhD under the supervision of T.E. Vetter and Th.C.W. Oudemans, Leiden University
2002-presentteacher at Stanislas College, Pijnacker


2004  The second chapter of the Laṅkāvatārasūtra: a Buddhological and philosophical study, Leiden. – PhD thesis Leiden University.
2006  Between certainty and finitude: a study of Laṅkāvatārasūtra chapter two, Berlin (Leipziger Studien zu Kultur und Geschichte Sud- und Zentralasiens 2).