Gerrit Adriaan (Ad) de Bruijne

1936 –
human and urban geography
Suriname, the Caribbean, India

Curriculum vitae

1936born in Amsterdam on November 28
1954-1962student human geography and urban planning, Utrecht University
1961-1963research assistant university planning, Utrecht University
1963-1976lecturer/associate professor human geography developing countries, Free University of Amsterdam
1976PhD Free University of Amsterdam
1976-1985professor in human geography of developing countries, Free University of Amsterdam
1985-2001professor in human geography, in particular of developing countries, University of Amsterdam
2001-emeritus professor
2001-guest professor International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam

Special activities and positions (selection)

  • Co-chairman of the Indo-Dutch Programme Alternatives in Development (IDPAD)
  • Member of the scientific advisory committee of the KITLV
  • Member of the board of the Centre for Asian Studies Amsterdam (CASA)
  • Member of the editorial board of the Indian Geographical Journal


  • “Curriculum vitae: Gerrit Adriaan de Bruijne.” [including his publications]. In: I. Baud et al. (eds), Re-aligning government, civil society and the market: new challenges in urban and regional development: essays in honour of G.A. de Bruijne , Amsterdam: AGIDS, University of Amsterdam, pp. 523-532.

Selected publications

The majority of De Bruijne’s publications concern Suriname and other Caribbean countries and general human and urban geography as well. These are not included.
1972  “India.” In: G.A. de Bruijne, G.A. Hoekveld, P.L. Ploeger, Verenigde Staten, India, Roermond (Geografische verkenningen 3), pp. 113-207. – 3e revised ed. 1977.
1976  “India, een subkontinent in eenheid en verscheidenheid.” In: G.A. de Bruijne, Bijdragen tot de sociale geografie van ontwikkkelingslanden. PhD Thesis Free University, pp. 113-222.
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