Dory Heilijgers-Seelen

1949 –
Sanskrit, Hindu Tantrism

Curriculum vitae

1949born in Arnhem on August 21
1968final examination gymnasium B, Vaals
1969-1976medical analyst; examination in 1972 (Arnhem, Heerlen, Utrecht)
1976-1983Indological studies, Utrecht University
1976-1993(assistant) librarian (part-time), department of Indian Languages, Utrecht University
1985-1989research assistant Indian languages (part-time), Utrecht University
1992PhD under the supervision of H.W. Bodewitz, Utrecht University
1993-1996postdoc researcher Indian studies, Leiden University
1993-1998assistant librarian of the Indological Kern Institute, Leiden University
1998-2011librarian of the Indological Kern Institute, Leiden University
2011-presentongoing research


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