Gerrit Jan Held

1906 – 1955
Indonesian languages and cultures, cultural anthropology
New Guinea

Curriculum vitae

1906born in Kampen on July 1
1925matriculation gymnasium, Kampen
1931MA language officer, Leiden University
1931-1935MA Indonesian language and literature including Sanskrit, Leiden University
1935PhD under the supervision of J.P.B. de Josselin de Jong, Leiden University
1935-1940advisor/inspector in the service of the Dutch Bible society, New Guinea
1940-linguistic officer
1941-1945in military service (KNIL) and prison camp
1946-1950professor in cultural anthropology, University of Indonesia, Batavia
1951-1952visiting professor and research associate, Yale University
1952-1955research in Bima (Sumbawa)
1955died in Djakarta on November 28


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  • wikipedia


Except for his dissertation Held wrote no other publications in the field of South Asia studies.
1935 The Mahābhārata: an ethnological study, Amsterdam-London. – Also appeared as PhD thesis Leiden.