Gerda Hoekveld-Meijer

1943 –
human geography, theology

Curriculum vitae

1943born in …
1972-2004lecturer Free University of Amsterdam
1981PhD under the supervision of …, Free University of Amsterdam
1996PhD under the supervision of …, Theological University, Kampen

Selected publications

Publications on works of art by Rembrandt and Vondel in relation to Old and New Testament knowledge as well as publications on human geography in general are not included.
1981 Koyils in the Coḷamaṇḍalam: typology and development of early Coḷa temples: an art-historical study based on geographical principles, Meppel: Krips Repro, 486 p. – PhD thesis Free University of Amsterdam.
1996 Esau salvation in disguise – Genesis 36: a hidden polemic between our teacher and the prophets about Edom’s role in post-exilic Israel through Leitwort names, Kampen: Kok Pharos, 461 p. – PhD thesis Theological University, Kampen.