Harunaga Isaacson

1965 –
Tantric traditions, especially Vajrayāna Buddhism
classical Sanskrit poetry, classical Indian philosophy, Purānic literature

Curriculum vitae

1965born in Kuma (Japan) on August 23rd
1978-1984secondary education at Praedinius Gymnasium, Groningen
19851990studied philosophy and Indology at the University of Groningen (MA 1990)
1995PhD under the supervision of T.E. Vetter and co-supervisor A.Wezler (Hamburg), Leiden University
1995-2000post-doctoral research fellow at the Oriental Institute, Oxford University
2000-2006teaching positions at Hamburg University and the University of Pennsylvania
2006-presentprofessor of classical Indology in the Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies, Asien-Afrika-Institut, Hamburg University

Special activities and positions

  • Member of the board of the Indo-Iranian Journal, since 2003
  • Director of the Nepal Research Centre, 2006-present
  • General director of the Nepalese-German Manuscript Cataloguing Project, 2006-present


Selected publications

Isaacson’s publications in his Dutch period, including some later works related to Dutch Indology, are listed. For other works, see his personal page on the site of Hamburg University.
1992 Review of: Roque Mesquita, Yāmunācāryas Philosophie der Erkenntnis: eine Studie zu seiner Saṃvitsiddhi, Wien 1990. Numen 39: 271-273.
1993 & Hans Bakker, “The Ramtek Inscriptions II: the Vākāṭaka inscription in the Kevala-Narasimha Temple.” BSOAS 56,1: 46–74.
“Yogic perception (yogipratyakṣa) in early Vaiśeṣika.” SII 18 [1994]: 139–160.
Review of: Deba Brata SenSharma, The philosophy of Sādhanā, with special reference to the Trika philosophy of Kashmir, Albany NY 1990. Numen 40: 208-211.
1994 & R. C. Adriaensen and Hans Bakker, “Towards a critical edition of the Skandapurāṇa.” IIJ 37: 325–331.
“Notes on the manuscript transmission of the Vaiśeṣikasutra and its earliest commentaries.” AS/ÉA 48,2 [1995]: 749–779.
1995 Materials for the study of the Vaiśeṣika system, [s.l.]. – PhD thesis Leiden University.
1998 & H.T. Bakker and R.C. Adriaensen, The Skandapurāṇa, volume I: Adhyāyas 1–25, critically edited with prolegomena and English synopsis, Groningen (Supplement to Groningen Oriental Studies).
2003 & Dominic Goodall, The Raghupañcikā of Vallabhadeva: being the earliest commentary on the Raghuvaṃśa of Kālidāsa, critical ed. with introd. and notes , Groningen: Forsten (Groningen Oriental Studies 17).
2004 & Hans T. Bakker, The Skandapurāṇa, vol. II A: Adhyāyas 26–31.14: the Vārāṇasī cycle, critical edition with an introduction, English synopsis and philological and historical commentary , Groningen (Supplement to Groningen Oriental Studies).