Jan Jetso Boeles

1909 – unknown
businessman, Buddhist
Buddhism and archaeology

Curriculum vitae

1909born in Leeuwarden
1935-deathlived in Bangkok; during yearly visit to the Netherland, contact with members of the Kern Institute (Galestin, Pott, and librarians)
1940-1945stay in the Netherlands, private student of N.J. Krom en F.B.J. Kuiper

Special activities and positions

  • photographer (subsidized by WOTRO) of the tempel in Pimai and of Wat Sethupon, Bangkok, 1976-1978
  • director of the Siam Society Research Center
  • (honorary) member of the Siam Society since 1960
  • honorair adviseur for the Faculty of Arts (Leiden University) for the art and archaeology of the mainland of Southeast Asia


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