Jenny Leonora de Bruyne

1931 –
South Asian history, Moghul period

Curriculum vitae

1931born in Aardenburg on February 20
1957MA degree
1956-…lecturer South Asian history, Utrecht University
1968PhD under the supervisor of Jan Gonda, Utrecht University


1968  Rudrakavi’s great poem of the dynasty of Rāṣṭrauḍha, cantos 1-13 and 18-20, introd., transl. and annotation, Leiden (Orientalia Rheno-Traiectina 10). – Also appeared as PhD thesis Utrecht 1968.
1971  “Some critical remarks on modern Indian historians.” In: P.W. Pestman (ed.), Acta Orientalia Neerlandica: proceedings of the [19th] congress of the Dutch Oriental Society held in Leiden on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, 8th-9th May 1970, Leiden, pp. 95-99.