Johannes Bronkhorst

1946 –
Sanskrit, Indian studies
emeritus professor

Curriculum vitae

1946born in Schiedam on July 17
1964final examination gymnasium B, Vlaardingen
1964-1968studies of physics, mathematics with astronomy, VU Amsterdam
1969-1972study of Sanskrit, Jaipur
1972-1974study of Sanskrit and Pali, Poona
1975-1979continued study of Sanskrit and Pali, Poona
1979PhD under the supervision of S. D. Joshi, Poona
1980PhD under the supervision of T. Vetter, Leiden
1980-1987postgraduate researcher Indian studies, Leiden
1987-2011full professor of Sanskrit, Indian studies, Lausanne


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Publications: 1979-1987

Bronkhorst’s publications in his Leiden/Dutch period, including some later works related to Dutch Indology, are listed. For a complete list of his works, see his personal page on the site of the Université de Lausanne.
1979 “Yāska’s classification of nipātas.” ABORI 60: 137-149.
1980  Theoretical aspects of P āṇini’s grammar, Leiden. – PhD thesis Leiden.
“The role of meanings in Pāṇini’s grammar.” Indian Linguistics 40: 146-157.
“Asiddha in the Aṣṭādhyāyī: a misunderstanding among the traditional commentators?” JIP 8: 69-85.
1981  “Nirukta and Aṣṭādhyāyī: their shared presuppositions.” IIJ 23: 1-14.
“The orthoepic diaskeuasis of the Ṛgveda and the date of Pāṇini.” IIJ 23: 83-95.
“Yoga and seśvara Sāṃkhya.” JIP 9: 309-320.
“Meaning entries in Pāṇini’s Dhātupāṭha.” JIP 9: 335-357.
“On some Vedic quotations in Bhartṛhari’s works.” SII 7: 173-175.
1982  “Some observations on the Padapāṭha of the Ṛgveda.” IIJ 24: 181-189.
“The variationist Pāṇini and Vedic.” IIJ 24: 273-282.
“The Ṛgveda-Prātiśākhya and its śākhā.” SII 8/9: 77-95.
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1983  “On the history of Pāṇinian grammar in the early centuries following Patañjali.” JIP 11: 357-412.
“God in Sāṃkhya.” WZKS 27: 149-164.
1984  “Nirukta, Uṇādi Sūtra, and Aṣṭādhyāyī.” IIJ 27: 1-15.
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“The origin of an Indian dietary rule: evidence for a lost Mānava work on Dharma.” Aligarh Journal of Oriental Studies 2,1/2 (Ram Suresh Tripathi commemoration volume): 123-132.
“Dharma and Abhidharma.” BSOAS 48: 305-320.
“Nāgārjuna and the Naiyāyikas.” JIP13: 107-132.
“On the chronology of the Tattvārtha Sūtra and some early commentaries.” WZKS 29: 155-184.
1986  The two traditions of meditation in ancient India, Stuttgart (Alt- und Neu-Indische Studien 28). – 2nd ed. Delhi 1993; reprint 2000.
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1987  Edition and translation, with notes, of the Mahābhāṣyadīpikā of Bhartṛhari, Ahnika I, Poona (Post-Graduate and Research Department Series 28).
Three problems pertaining to the Mahābhāṣya, Poona (Post-Graduate and Research Department Series 30, “Pandit Shripad Shastri Deodhar Memorial Lectures” [Third Series]).
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1990  General editor of: Panels of the VIIth world Sanskrit conference: Kern Institute, Leiden, Augustus 23-29, 1987, 11 vols, Leiden 1990-1992.
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