Johannes Gijsbertus (Hans) de Casparis

1916 – 2002
Sanskrit, Old-Javanese
epigraphy, archaeology, history

Curriculum vitae

1916born in Eemnes on May 31
1928-1934gymnasium Amsterdam
1934-1936studied Sanskrit and classical languages, University of Amsterdam
1936-1939studied Malay, Javanese, archaeology and early history of South and Southeast Asia, Leiden University
1937-1939assistant to prof. J.Ph. Vogel
1939-1941epigraphist Archaeological Service (OD) in the Netherlands Indies
1941-1945military service and Japanese P.O.W. camps
1948-1955epigraphist Archaeological Service of Indonesia
1950PhD University of Indonesia, Jakarta
1955-1959professor of history and culture of South and Southeast Asia, Airlangga University of Maland and Surabaya
1959-1961lecturer of the early history of South Asia, SOAS, University of London
1961-1978reader of the history of South and Southeast Asia, SOAS, University of London
1965-1966visiting professor of the early history of Southeast Asia, University of Hawaii, Honolulu
1978-1986professor of early history and archaeology of South and Southeast Asia, the Kern Institute, University of Leiden
1983professor, Burns chair of history, University of Hawaii, Honolulu (Jan.-July)
1986-2002emeritus professor, University of Leiden
2002passed away in Oegstgeest on June 19

Special activities and positions

  • Contributor with about thirty articles concerning Indonesia, including Indonesia (history), Java (history), Bali (history), Sumatra (history), Borneo (history), Celebes (history), Djakarta (history), Bogot, Surabaya, Djogjakarta, Surakarta, Srivijaya etc, to: William D. Halsey and Louis Shores (eds), Collier’s encyclopedia, new edition, 24 vols, New York 1968-1997


  • Hinzler, H.I.R. (ed.), Studies in South and Southeast Asian archaeology: essays offered to Dr. J. G. de Casparis on the occasion of his retirement, presented by colleagues and former students at the archaeological conference held on 2 June 1986 in Leiden, Leiden 1986 (Studies in South and Southeast Asian archaeology [1]).
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