Jos van Beurden

1946 –
research journalist, day’s chairperson
PhD researcher, connected to the Free University of Amsterdam
Bangladesh, Africa, Ethiopia


Selected publications

Van Beurden’s publications on regions other than South Asia (Africa) are not included.
1977  & Jenneke Arens, Jhagrapur: poor peasants and women in a village in Bangladesh, Amsterdam-Birmingham, 189 p. – Translated into Bengali in 1980.
& Jenneke Arens, “Classifying peasants in a village of Bangladesh.” Journal of the Institute of Bangladesh Studies 2: 143-161.
1979  & Jenneke Arens, “ ‘Life without land’: Jenneke Arens and Jos van Beurden talk to a labourer in Bangladesh who has to survive by working on other people’s land.” New Internationalist 28: 26-
1980  & Jenneke Arens, Jhagrapur: poor peasants and women in a village in Bangladesh, New Delhi [etc.], 207 p.
& Iyenekā Ārensa, Jhagaṛāpura: grāmabāṃlāra gṛhastha o nārī, Dacca.
1992  Bangladesh, Amsterdam: Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen, 92 p.
1997  “Geen controle op Bengaalse NGO’s.” Vice Versa 31,2: 12-14.
2004  Bangladesh: mensen, politiek, economie, cultuur, milieu, [cartogr. K. Prins … et al.], Amsterdam-Den Haag
2006  “Looting, theft and smuggling of cultural heritage.” In: Juliette van Krieken Pieters, Art and archaeology in Afghanistan: its fall and survival, Brill, pp. 295-324.
2007  Jhagrapur revisited, Dhaka: Pearl Publications, 104 p. (incl. photo section).
2012  On the return of cultural and historical treasures: the case of the Netherlands, Amsterdam: KIT Publishers, 88 p.

– Three more publications on the return of cultural art objects.