Peter Kloos

1936 – 2000
cultural anthropology, philosophy of anthropology
Caribbean, Surinam, Sri Lanka

Curriculum vitae

1956-1962MA cultural anthropology, University of Amsterdam
1963MA human geography, University of Amsterdam
1963-1966researcher, University of Amsterdam
1966-1968stay in Surinam
1971PhD under the supervision of A. Köbben, University of Amsterdam
1974-1988associate professor at the anthropology department, Leiden University
1988-2000professor in sociology of non-western societies, Free University of Amsterdam
2000died on August 8

Special activities and positions

  • Co-founder of the Dutch Association of Sociology and Anthropology (NSAV)
  • Contributor to many congresses and symposia


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Peter Kloos wrote many publications on the theory of anthropology, on the Caribbean and Surinam, etc. (see his bibliography). Only his studies on Sri Lanka, South Asia, are included:
1971  The Maroni River Caribs of Surinam, Assen. – PhD thesis University of Amsterdam.
1979  Waarom de boeren van Kurunduvila, Sri Lanka, niet meer rijst produceren, ICA Festival.
1981  Land policy and agricultural underproduction in a Sinhalese village in Sri Lanka, Paper presented at the Symposium “Rural Development in South Asia”, Intercongress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Amsterdam, April 22-24, 1981, Leiden (Working paper / Institute of Cultural and Social Studies 5). –
1983  Review of: Paul Alexander, Sri Lanka fishermen: rural capitalism and peasant society, Canberra 1982. BTLV 139: 486-487.
Review of: James Brow, Vedda villages of Anuradhapura: the historical anthropology of a community in Sri Lanka, Seattle 1978. BTLV 139: 487-488.
1986  “Changing resources, changing entrepreneurs.” In: M.A. van Bakel, R.R. Hagesteijn and P. van de Velde (eds), Private politics: a multidisciplinary approach to ‘big-man’ systems, Leiden, pp. 54-66.
1987  Where colonial power and village politics met: the views of the Government Agent on cultivation in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka in the late 19th century, Leiden (Working paper / Instituut of Cultural and Social Studies 75).
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