Frederik Herman Henri (Frits) Kortlandt


Frederik Herman Henri (Frits) Kortlandt

1946 –
descriptive and comparative linguistics

Curriculum vitae

1946born in Utrecht on the 19th of June
1963-1969studied mathematics, economics and linguistics, University of Amsterdam
1968-1969research assistant of development economics, University of Amsterdam
1969MA Slavic linguistics, University of Amsterdam
1969-1972assistant professor of Slavic linguistics, University of Amsterdam
1970MA mathematical economics, University of Amsterdam
1972PhD mathematical linguistics under the supervision of C.L. Ebeling, University of Amsterdam
1972-1974associate professor of Baltic and Slavic linguistics, University of Leiden
1974-2011professor of Baltic and Slavic linguistics, University of Leiden
1985-2011also: professor of descriptive and comparative linguistics, University of Leiden
2011emeritus professor.

Special activities and positions

  • Member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, 1986-present
  • Laureate of the Spinoza Prize, 1997.


Selected publications

Kortlandt’s works on general (Proto)-Indo-European linguistics and Indo-Iranian languages are included. For his works on Balto-Slavic, Germanic, and other languages, see the bibliography on his personal website.
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