M.W. Jurriaanse

Sri Lanka

Curriculum vitae

1937-1943work at VOC archives in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Selected publications on Sri Lanka

? “ ‘Empty tummies’: the Ceylon elephant in Dutch times.” Journal of the Game and Fauna Protection Society of Ceylon, 7 p.
1938  Report on the Dutch Archives, Colombo: Ceylon Government Press (Ceylon. Sessional Paper 9), 10 p.
1943  Catalogue of the archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon 1640-1796, Colombo: Ceylon Government Press, 354 p.
“The story of Francina van Reede.” Journal of the Dutch Burgher Union of Ceylon 32,1,3.
1954  “The compilation of the customary law of Jaffna (Thessawalamai) in 1707.” BTLV 110,4: 293-304.
1954-5  “Een archiefreis naar India, Ceylon en Indonesië.” Nederlandsch archievenblad: orgaan van de Vereeniging van Archivarissen in Nederland 59: 93-98. – Also publ. in Mededeelingen, Nederlandse Vereniging van Vrouwen met Academische Opleiding 21,1 (1955): 17-22.