Gerrit Jan Meulenbeld

1928 – 2017
Psychiatry, Sanskrit medical texts

Curriculum vitae

1928born in Borne (Overijssel) on May 28
1954final examinations in medicine
1956-1961specialization in psychiatry
1961-1978psychiatrist at the Deltaziekenhuis, Poortugaal
1974PhD Indology under the supervision of J. Gonda, Utrecht University
1978-1986associate professor Indology, Groningen University
1978-1988psychiatrist at the Van Mesdagkliniek, Groningen
2017passed away on March 26

Special activities and positions

  • Editor of An annotated bibliography of Indian medicine (ABIM), 2003-
  • Chief-editor of the eJournal of Indian medicine (eJIM), 2007-
  • Member of the editorial board of the Groningen Oriental Studies
  • Chairman of the European Ayurvedic Society, 1983-2001


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