Netty Bonouvrié

1961 –

Curriculum vitae

1961born in Culemborg on June 7
1979VWO, Koningin Wilhelmina College, Culemborg
1979-1981medical analyst; examination in 1981 (‘s Hertogenbosch)
1982-1986Indological studies, Utrecht University
1989-1993PhD research under the supervision of M.A.G.T. Kloppenborg, department of Theology, Utrecht University
1993-2005documentalist, Documentation Centre South Asia, Leiden University
lecturer hinduism, Leiden University (part-time)
2005-2007lecturer religions of Asia, Nijmegen University (part-time)
2006-2013teacher Dutch language /coordinator languages technical dept. , ROC Rivor, Tiel
2013-presentproject manager VSV (untimely school-leavers), ROC Rivor, Tiel


1987  India in Nederland, Utrecht.
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1999  “Early Sant-tradition and Sufism in medieval India.” In: A.W. Entwistle, Studies in early modern Indo-Aryan languages, literature, and culture, (research papers, 1992-1994, presented at the Sixth Conference on Devotional Literature in New Indo-Aryan Langauges, held at Seattle, Uniersity of Washington, 7-9 July 1994), pp.
2000  Editor of: Guide to the Kern Institute: history and present research, Leiden.