René Christiaan van Oosterwijk

1947 –
early Buddhism, Buddhist art and archaeology
South and Southeast Asia

Curriculum vitae

1947born in Rotterdam on August 4
1965-1973studied political science at Amsterdam University
1974-2005civil-servant at the Ministry of Transport of the Netherlands, and work for the European Commission, Brussels
2000-2009studied languages and cultures of India and Tibet at Leiden University (with i.a. E.M. Raven, P.C. Verhagen, H.W.A. Blezer);
University of Marburg (with bhikkhu Pāsādika)
University of Munich (with M. Zin)
2013-presentongoing research on “Investigation of basic Buddhist concepts from canonical texts for sources or justifications for environmental activism related to the livestock-sector”


2012 Doctrinal backgrounds of Vipassanā-meditation: insight in current methods and according to canonical sources, Groningen.
2014 The last days of the Buddha: early doctrines attributed to the last phase of the Buddha’s life, [s.l.]: Hesselink Publications (Kindle book).
Voluntary death to alleviate suffering: euthanasia and suicide according to the Pali- canon, several Prātimokṣa rules and some Chinese Āgama-sūtras, [s.l.]: Hesselink Publications (Kindle book).
2019The Dhamma in relation to the offering and buying of meat: should every Buddhist be a vegetarian. Published on, pdf
2020Buddhist discourses related to fear and illness. Published on, pdf
2021Early Buddhism: selection of credible canonical texts about early doctrines. Published on, pdf
Equanimity in early Buddhism compared with Stoicism. Published on, pdf