Paul Erik Baak

1966 –
political and socio-cultural science

Curriculum vitae

1966born in Amsterdam on August 15
1995PhD under the supervision of H.J. Sutherland and D. Kooiman, University of Amsterdam


1991  “The conference on capitalist plantations in colonial Asia, September 26-29, 1990, Amsterdam.” South Asia Research 11,1: 89-95. – Also published in Archipel 42: 3-
1992 “Planters’ lobby in late 19th century: implications for Travancore.” EPW 27,33: 1747-1753. – Published also in Journal of Kerala Studies 13: 23-43.
1993  “Out of the shadow, into the spotlights: the indigenous aspects of plantation development: the case of the emergence of Syrian Christian planters in princely Travancore in the first half of the 20th century.” Itinerario 17,2: 74-96.
1994  “The successful planters’ lobby in a Leftist ‘Problem’ state: plantation development in Southwest India in the early post-colonial period.” Abstracts of the International Congress on Kerala Studies, vol.3, pp. 67-68.
1995  Plantation production and political power: plantation development in Southwest India in a long-term historical perspective, c.1743-1963, [s.l.: s.n.]. – PhD thesis University of Amsterdam; also published Delhi: OUP, 1997.
1999  “About enslaved ex-slaves, uncaptured contract coolies and unfreed freedmen: some notes about ‘free’ and ‘unfree’ labour in the context of plantation development in southwest India, early sixteenth century-mid 1990s.” Modern Asian Studies 33,1: 121-157.