Heleen Plaisier

1968 –
Sino-Tibetan, Lepcha

Curriculum vitae

1968born in Eindhoven on the 3rd of August
1981-1986VWO Rotterdam
1986-1988studied liberal arts (‘algemene letteren’), Utrecht University
1987BA liberal arts, Utrecht University
1988-1992studied Chinese languages and cultures, Leiden University
1992MA Chinese languages and cultures, Leiden University
1990-1993studied comparative and descriptive linguistics, Leiden University
1993MA comparative and descriptive linguistics (Sino-Tibetan), Leiden University
1994-1998PhD research, Himalayan Languages Project, Leiden University
1998-2010research coordinator, Kortlandt-Spinoza programme, Leiden University
2006PhD under the supervision of G.L. van Driem and F.H.H. Kortlandt, Leiden University
2010-presentlives in Scotland


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