Elisabeth Maria (Ellen) Raven

1955 –
art history, iconography and numismatics
South and Southeast Asia

Curriculum vitae

1955born in Lutjebroek on August 31
secondary school in Lutjebroek and Hoorn
studied Indology, Leiden University, under the guidance of among others Inez During Caspers (archaeology), Theo Galestin and Hedi Hinzler (art history) and J.G. de Casparis (ancient history)
1991PhD degree under the supervision of J.G. de Casparis, Leiden University
1986-1996assistant librarian of the Kern Institute, Leiden University
1996-2001co-ordinating editor of the ABIA index for South Asia, Leiden University
2002-presentgeneral editor of the western publications on South and Southeast Asia, ABIA index, Leiden
2002-presentlecturer in South Asian arts and material culture at the Faculty of Arts, Leiden University

Special activities and positions

  • Organizer, with K.R. van Kooij and H.T. Bakker, of the 15th international South Asian Archaeology conference in Leiden, 1999
  • General secretary, European Association for South Asian Archaeology and Art, 2008-2012
  • Archivist of the papers of Johanna van Lohuizen-de Leeuw kept with the Ancient India and Iran Trust in Cambridge, England
  • Chairman of the Friends of the Kern Institute, 2007 – 2015



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