Robert Stephen Paul Beekes

1937 – 2017
Indo-European linguistics

Curriculum vitae

1937born in Haarlem
studied classical languages, Leiden University
1969PhD under supervision of F.B.J. Kuiper, Leiden University
1974-1998professor in comparative Indo-European linguistics, Leiden University
1993-2017member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences
2017passed away on September 21


  • “R.S.P. Beekes: List of publications [1969-1996].” In: Alexander Lubotsky (ed.), Sound law and analogy: papers in honor of Robert S. P. Beekes on the occasion of his 60th birthday, Amsterdam-Atlanta, GA 1997, pp. ix-xiv.
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Selected publications

Beekes’ publications on general (Proto)-Indo-European and Indo-Iranian linguistics are:
1969  The development of the Proto-Indo-European laryngeals in Greek, [translated from the Dutch by T.S. Preston], The Hague. – PhD thesis Leiden; also published as Janua linguarum, series practica 42.
1971  Review of: G. Cardona, On haplology in Indo-European, Philadelphia 1968. Lingua 26: 210-214.
1972  Review of: R. Anttila, Proto-Indo-European Schwebeablaut, Berkeley 1969. IIJ 14: 68-74.
1973  “The proterodynamic perfect.” KZ 87: 86-98.
Review of: E.A. Hahn, Naming constructions in some Indo-European languages, Cleveland Ohio 1969. Mnemosyne 26: 399-401.
1974  De wortels van het Indo-Europees, Leiden. – Inaugural lecture.
1975  “Two notes on PIE stems in dentals.” In: H. Rix (ed.), Flexion und Wortbildung, Akten der V. Fachtagung der Indogermanischen Gesellschaft, Regensburg, 9-14 September 1973, Wiesbaden, pp. 9-14.
1976  “Uncle and nephew.” JIES 4: 43-63.
Review of: E. Seebold, Das System der indogermanischen Halbvokale: Untersuchungen zum sogenannten ‘Sieversschen Gesetz’ und zu den halbvokalhaltigen Suffixen in den indogermanischen Sprachen, besonders im Vedischen, Heidelberg 1972. IIJ 18: 88-96.
1979  “GAv. azāθā and asrū(ž)dūm.” MSS 38: 5-8.
“GAv. uzirǝidyāi and rārǝša-.” MSS 38: 9-20.
1981  “Intervocalic laryngeal in Gatha-avestan.” In: Yoël L. Arbeitman & Allan R. Bomhard (eds), Bono homini donum: essays in historical linguistics in memory of J. Alexander Kerns, Amsterdam, pp. 47-64.
“The subjunctive endings of Indo-Iranian.” IIJ 23: 21-27.
“The neuter plural and the vocalisation of the laryngeals in Avestan.” IIJ 23: 275-287.
“The disyllabic reduplication of the Sanskrit intensives.” MSS 40: 19-25.
1982  “GAv. mā̊, the PIE word for ‘moon, month’, and the perfect participle.” JIES 10: 53-64.
1983  “On laryngeals and pronouns.” KZ 96: 200-232.
“PIE ‘sun’.” MSS 43: 5-8.
1985  The origins of the Indo-European nominal inflection, Innsbruck.
“Skt. uttāná-.” KZ 98: 47-48.
1986  “De oorsprong van de Indo-europese nominale flectie.” Lampas 19: 100-114.
Review of: A. Bammesberger, Studien zur Laryngaltheorie, Göttingen 1984. Kratylos 31: 70-75.
1987  “PIE neuter i-stems.” In: G. Cardona, N.H. Zide (eds), Festschrift for Henry Hoenigswald on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, Tübingen, pp. 21-26.
“On Indo-European ‘wine’.” MSS 48: 21-26.
“The word for ‘four’ in Proto-Indo-European.” JIES 15: 215-219.
“The PIE words for ‘name’ and ‘me’.” Die Sprache 33 [1989]: 1-12.
1988  A grammar of Gatha-Avestan, Leiden.
“The origin of the Indo-European pronominal inflection”. In: M. Jazayery, W. Winter (eds), Studies in honor of Edgar C. Polomé, Berlin, pp. 73-87.
“Laryngeal developments: a survey.” In: A. Bammesberger (ed.), Die Laryngaltheorie und die Rekonstruktion des indogermanischen Laut- und Formensystems, vol. 1, Heidelberg, pp. 59-105.
1989  “The nature of the Proto-Indo-European laryngals.” In: Th. Vennemann (ed.), The new sound of Indo-European, Berlin-New York, pp. 23-33.
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“Old Persian p-θ-i-m.” MSS 50: 7-13.
Review of: A.J. Nussbaum, Head and horn in Indo-European, Berlin 1986. Kratylos 34: 55-59.
1990  Vergelijkende taalwetenschap: een inleiding in de vergelijkende Indo-europese taalwetenschap, Utrecht (Aula paperback).
“The importance of Sanskrit for the laryngeal theory.” In: S.R. Banerjee (ed.), Essays on Indo-European linguistics: proceedings of the seminar on Indo-European linguistics held on 1-2 February 1986, Calcutta: Asiatic Society, pp. 77-87.
“Wackernagel’s explanation of the lengthened grade.” In: Heiner Eichner, Helmut Rix (Hrsg.), Sprachwissenschaft und Philologie: Jacob Wackernagel und die Indogermanistik heute, Wiesbaden, pp. 33-53.
1991  Review of: A. Bammesberger (ed.), Die Laryngaltheorie und die Rekonstuktion des indogermanischen Laut- und Formensystems, Heidelberg 1988. Amsterdamer Beiträge zur älteren Germanistik 33: 237-245.
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“‘Right’, ‘left’ and ‘naked’ in Proto-Indo-European.” Orbis 37: 87-96.
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1997  “Historical phonology of Iranian.” JIES 25: 1-26.
The articles on Physical World, In: J.P. Mallory, D.Q. Adams (eds), Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture, London/Chicago.
Review of: Heinrich Hettrich (Hrsg.), Verba et structurae: Festschrift Klaus Strunk, Innsbruck 1995. Kratylos 42: 36-39.
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2005-& Alexander Lubotsky compiler of the Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series (IEED)
2008“Palatalized consonants in Pre-Greek.” In: Alexander Lubotsky e.a. (red.), Evidence and counter-evidence: essays in honour of Frederik Kortlandt, Amsterdam, pp. 45-56.