Wilhelmus Jacobus Vogelsang

1956 –
ancient history
Afghanistan, Iran

Curriculum vitae

1956born in Medemblik
1974-1981studied Indian and Iranian languages and cultures, Leiden University
1983-1984Iranian studies, University of Cambridge and Gent (Belgium)
1985-1990PhD research ancient history, Groningen University
1990PhD Groningen University
1991-2002executive secretary for the Centre of Non-Western Studies, Leiden University
2002-2008curator Southwest and Central Asia, National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden
2008-2010advisor in Uruzgan (Afghanistan) for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2011-presentmanager of the International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden

Special activities and positions

  • Co-director of the Iranian dress project, 1997-2001
  • Co-editor of Khilʾa: journal for dress and textiles of the Islamic world, 2005-
  • Functional specialist Cultural Affairs for the Ministry of Defense, 2004-present



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