Koenraad Stanislaus Jan Marie de Vreese

1906 – 1992
Sanskrit, Pali, new and middle Indo-Aryan, Dravidian languages, Santali

Curriculum vitae

1906born in Gent (Belgium) on May 15
1919-1922gymnasium Erasmianum, Rotterdam
1924state examination gymnasium A, Rotterdam
1924-1930studied classical languages, Leiden University
1936PhD under supervision of J.Ph. Vogel, Leiden University
1930-1948teacher gymnasium in Delft
1948-1960deputy principal high school in Zaandam
1948-1963private lecturer Pali, Leiden
1960-1963professor (bijzonder), New-Indo-Aryan, University of Amsterdam
1963-1969extraordinary professor in New-Indo-Aryan, University of Amsterdam
1969-1981professor in Middle-, New-Indo-Aryan and Dravidian languages, University of Amsterdam
1981emeritus professor
1992died in Baarn on April 30


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