André Wink

1953 –
India, Indonesia

Curriculum vitae

1953born in Hollandia, Netherlands New Guinea
1984PhD Indian history under the supervision of J.C. Heesterman, Leiden University
1989-presentprofessor of history, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2009-presentsenior fellow, Institute for Research in the Humanities

Selected publications

Wink’s publications in his Dutch period (until ca. 1990) and some later works related to these or to Dutch Indology, are:
1981 “The settlement of the Deccan, c. 1600-1680.” Bharat Itihas Samshodak Mandal Quarterly 60,1/4: 47-65.
1983 “Maratha revenue farming.” Modern Asian Studies 17,4: 591-628.
1984 Land and sovereignty in India under the eighteenth-­century Maratha Svarajya, [s.l.: s.n.]. – PhD thesis Leiden University; see also 1986.
“Sovereignty and universal dominion in South Asia.” The Indian Economic and Social History Review 21,3: 265-292.
“Asian studies: agrarian history and orientalism. Review Article on J.C. Van Leur, Indonesian Trade and Society, re-edition of 1984.” Itinerario 1984,2: 110-137.
1986 Land and sovereignty in India : agrarian society and politics under the Eighteenth-Century Maratha Svarajya, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. – Also appeared as PhD thesis 1984; paperback edition Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2008; Indian edition New Delhi: Orient Longman 1986; second Indian edition: Orient Longman 2008.
1988 “Al-Hind: India and Indonesia in the Islamic world-economy, c. 700-1800 A.D.” In: Taufik Abdullah et al. (eds), The Ancien regime in India and Indonesia, Leiden: Brill [Proceedings of the Third Cambridge-Delhi-Leiden-Yogyakarta Conference on the Comparative Study of India and Indonesia, Yogyakarta, September, 1986], pp. 33-72. – Simultaneously in Itinerario 1988,1.
1990 Al-Hind, the making of the Indo-Islamic world, volume I: Early medieval India and the expansion of Islam, 7th-11th centuries, Leiden: Brill 1990. – second edition 1991; third edition 1996; Oxford-New Delhi: OUP, 1990; paperback edition Oxford-New Delhi: OUP 1999; American paperback edition Boston 2002.
1992 “India and Central Asia: the coming of the Turks in the eleventh century.” In: A.W. van den Hoek, D.H.A. Kolff, M.S. Oort (eds), Ritual, state and history in South Asia : essays in honour of J.C. Heesterman, Leiden: Brill (Memoirs of the Kern Institute 5), pp. 747-773.
“Kanauj as the religious and political capital of early medieval India.” In: H. Bakker (ed.), The sacred centre as the focus of political interest: proceedings of the symposium held on the occasion of the 375th anniversary of the University of Groningen, 5–8 March 1989, Groningen: Forsten (Groningen Oriental Studies 6), pp. 101-117.
1997 Al-Hind, the making of the Indo-Islamic World, volume II: The slave kings and the Islamic conquest, 11th-13th centuries, Leiden: Brill. – paperback edition Oxford and New Delhi: Oxford University Press 1999; American paperback edition Boston 2002.
2004 Al-Hind: the making of the Indo-Islamic world, volume III: Indo-Islamic society, 14th-15th centuries, Leiden: Brill. – paperback edition Oxford-New Delhi: Oxford University Press 2009.
2012 Al-Hind: Takwīn al-`Ālam al-Hindīya al-Islāmīya (Arabic translation of Al-Hind: the making of the Indo-Islamic World), 3 Volumes, Abu Dhabi, 460 +471+ 335 p.